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cute baby shoe socks pull on non slip rubber soled grip grippy

Hi Guys, We are so excited today to be launching our revamped website along with some exciting new models so we thought we would take 5 minutes to tell those of you visitors who might be new to us all about Babooties and our super cute booties. 

We love those early steps every young child takes. That excitement of exploration tentatively balanced with those unknown new surfaces, the odd shock of a bump and a gasp from a wobble. Its such a magical time and one that really shapes how we all learn to move and use the objects and obstacles that surround us. 

It makes sense then that during these key moments we should pay close attention to that contact area between a babies feet and the surfaces they interact with - the shoes.

Babootie was born during a trip exploring Asia. While staying at a beautiful beachside resort in coastal India we met a young family also travelling along the coastline with their two young children. The mother was an ex-gymnast who was clearly trying to install her passion in her two year old boy, Babo. We watched him play on log balance beams set up in the sand and it was inspiring to watch how he approached each fall and loose footing with a new inquisitive attitude each time he re approached that log.

Over the course of the next few days Babo was happily toddling along the logs and having the time of his life - It was then that we noticed the unusual gripped bottom socks he was wearing, his mother said she came across them when they were visiting Japan.

These snug fitting sock like shoes were flexible enough to allow Babo's feet to move freely yet offered enough grip to hold onto the logs. We fell in love with them deciding we would strive to search out and improve the design to help all the other little explorers out there find their feet. We wanted to combine this flexible sock-like slipper with a more robust rubber sole to give some added protection. With this Babooties was born. 

Fast forward and we have created a range of super cute rubber soled slip on sock booties to suit every occasion. Head to our shop now and pick something up for your own little explorer. 

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