Here at Babooties our purpose is to create beautiful footwear for the children of this world that is as kind to the planet as it can be. Preserving all that is there to be explored for countless generations to come. 

We have big dreams, we want to be a sustainable company, we want to grow responsibly and we believe that, along with our manufacturing partners, we can create a positive impact on society and help towards a more sustainable future. 

What Have We Done So Far?

We use recycled and recyclable packaging where possible on our products including our recycled mailing bags and recyclable gift boxes. 

We have narrowed our shoe production and supply chain down to manufacturers who offer safe workers conditions and fair remuneration.

We launched our "Shoe Rehoming" programme in 2020 where we offer an end to end recycling of our shoes that have life left by donating them through charities to those less fortunate. This includes shoes returned to us by our customers who's children have outgrown them along with unused samples and returns we have that are unsuitable for resale. Interested in rehoming your shoes? Contact us for details on how to do this.


What We Want To Do & How We Will Do it.

We have big goals here as to how we can be a truly sustainable company by 2030, these include;

Working towards a 100% Recyclable product, we are hoping to develop a completely recyclable shoe alongside our production partners.

Continue to offer our customers the best Price-Quality-Service product we possibly can.

Zero emission warehousing and offices. We are working towards a sustainable power solution for our premises allowing us to be powered by solar and wind energy.

These goals are a commitment but also a journey, Its a journey we feel that all of us should be on.

We sincerely hope that you join us,